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USS Monitor - Turreted Ironclad Warship

USS Monitor - Turreted Ironclad Warship


Created using period photography and drawings, this is the most detailed and accurate 3D model of USS Monitor currently around. Featuring a fully explorable turret, decks and underside. Due to being created for and used inside UE5, this model does NOT feature materials. However, you'll find all UVs are unwrapped and ID slots are ready for use.



  • Historically accurate and detailed to >30cm
  • Reasonably low poly considering the detail and scale
  • Fully unwrapped and ready for game engine use
  • Optimised for game engine use, so all normals are correct and there's no z-fighting
  • Straightforward naming convention on all meshes
  • Designed to be rigged. Origins logically placed

Thanks for looking! Please do not message requesting materials unless able to pay for this service.



USS Monitor was an ironclad warship built for the United States Navy during the American Civil War and completed in early 1862, the first such ship commissioned by the Navy. Monitor played a central role in the Battle of Hampton Roads on 9 March under the command of Lieutenant John L. Worden, where she fought the casemate ironclad CSS Virginia (built on the hull of the scuttled steam frigate USS Merrimack) to a stalemate. The design of the ship was distinguished by its revolving turret, which was designed by American inventor Theodore Timby; it was quickly duplicated and established the monitor class and type of armored warship built for the American Navy over the next several decades.

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